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Re: Memory Problem

> I seem to be having a memory leak on my system, and I'm not sure how to
> find out which program it is.  Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions
> on how to find it?  

I find gmemusage to be particularly useful (assuming your in X).  It will 
show a bar chart of memory usage of all your applications currently running.

Curious about why you think you have a leak... what are the symptoms?  Note 
that the linux kernel will take lots of memory for buffers and free it when 
needed, so if you're just looking at "top" and see that "free memory" is 
low, it could be that it's all in the kernel.  gmemusage will show how big 
the kernel is along with other apps.

  -- Tom Allard (m1tca00) X3593

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