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Re: WP 8 Download and Installation - my expiriance

Hi Martin,

        Thanks for your response.

        I actually thought that I shouldn't extract the file in Win95 system.
So the file I downloaded yesterday from Download.com is a whole named "guilg00.gz" 23M
in size.

        This time I learm to get smart by copying  the file from Win95 system to Linux
system and extract it according to the Download.com's web page (gunzip, then tar -xvf
and run Runme). Perfect as the name implies.

        Thank you.

        Alan Tam

Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> >> "AT" == Alan Tam <alantam@usa.net> writes:
> AT> Last time I got the Demo version in Win95 file system ( downloaded
> AT> by Netscape through Getright ). After finished downloading I boot
> AT> to Linux and mount the vfat file system to access the file. From
> AT> there I extracted the file and run the Runme command, it
> AT> compliants that a file is missing. So the installation was failed.
> I wouldn´t extract the file onto a vfat partition, as you don´t have
> any permission and ownership on this kind of filesystem (I don´t know
> if it is neccessary, but it won´t hurt).
> Otherwiese, if you tell what you did to install WP, and what error
> messages you get, someone probably can help you.
> Ciao,
>         Martin
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