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Re: WP 8 Download and Installation - my expiriance

Hi Martin,

        In what directory or file system should the guilg00.gz ( I downloaded it in a
whole unit ) resite.

        Last time I got the Demo version in Win95 file system ( downloaded by Netscape
through Getright ). After finished downloading I boot to Linux and mount the vfat file
system to access the file. From there I extracted the file and run the Runme command,
it compliants that a file is missing. So the installation was failed.

        A detailed setup procedure is most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

        Alan Tam

Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> Hi,
> I did the download from ftp.funet.fi (actually any www.cdrom.com
> mirror should have it by now I guess).
> I got the multipart version, and also run into the problem, that Runme
> said there is nothing to do.
> The problem is, that the files havo to be all lowercase.
> gunzip GUI*
> #convert the filenames to lowercase
> mmv "GUI*" "gui#1"
> tar xfv gui00
> Then you may want to unpack the other gui* files as well, but the
> installer should be able to do this also (I am not sure, so I would
> like to hear from people who tried this).
> ../Runme
> The installation is GUI based from this point. You may want to run the
> installation as root.
> To do this, either start X as root (or log in as root through xdm) or
> run ssh -l root localhost.
> WP8 looks quite nice so far, but I usually use LaTeX and Lyx, so I
> have to take a deeper look to evaluate it.
> To run it, you need the debian packages libc5, xlib6 and xpm4.7.
> Check if you have them installed with dpkg -l libc5 xlib6 xpm4.7
> HTH,
>         Martin
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