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Re: WP 8 problem

In a message dated 12/18/98 1:08:53 PM Central Standard Time,
wtopa@ix.netcom.com writes:

>  Well I agree with Riccardo!  It took me 18 hours to _finally_ get all
>  7 parts of the software. I found that there readme was written by
>  someone that didn't even try to load the 7 parts.  I then found that
>  the Runme file didn't do anything (useful) so I had to figure out why
>  .gz files were not, if fact, gzipped but tarred. Then, after looking
>  at the Runme script, saw that it expected lowercase file names, so
>  changed them.  Ok, now to get the Runme to run.  Forget it.  It is
>  looking for files that aren't there.  A check of the ./linux/bin file
>  shows that they are not executeable, in fact 'file ./linux/bin' says they
>  are data files.  OK, look on the list to see what others are finding.
>  OK, now look for xwp.  I am still looking.  It isn't in the packages
>  that I have. Look for _any_ executeables. Found Runme, which doesn't
>  do anything but ask me if I have 'unzip'ed un-tared the files'.
>  I find it a total waste of time and effort.  I would not bother to
>  even download it now _even_ if they said it was totally FREE.

Sorry, but I didn't experience ANY of the problems you're having...

1) The filenames are in lowercase to begin with, I really can't see
complaining if your download changed the case of the names.  Granted, the
Runme script could be a little smarter and handle upper case names as well,
but why should it?  Linux is a case-sensitive language!

2) My download took all of 2 hours for all 7 parts - and then I downloaded the
full version for grins.  NO problems at all.

3) The install instructions at download time specifically say gunzip it, then
tar it.  

4) Data files can also be executible, depending on their access rights.

5) Waste of time and effort?  Hardly...  I have always loved Word Perfect, and
even when my office standards require me to use Word97 on my machine, I still
have a copy of WP loaded that I use instead.  I've used it since the early DOS
days.  Now I find that I can get a free copy of it for use on my Debian
machine?  Fan-f'n'-tastic!!  

6) As for the eqution/graphics capabilities...  This is a free demo version
folks.  And further, if there are packages (like Lyx) that do it better, why
not use them!!   All I know is I have a great word processor for Debian now,
one that I've used for years and have grown to love.

My 2 cents.

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