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Re: Debian too difficult, Red Hat?

I started with Red Hat. Next was SuSE and now I have got Debian hamm. In
my opinion debian isn't so much more difficult to install that RH or suse.
I had some quit big difficulties with it, but it was because of bad
multi-cd-installation-package. Dselect isn't as good as 'yast' supplied
with suse, but not much worse. 

In my opinion one can almost as easily start linuxing with debian hamm as
with RH. Just keep in mind to install first without X and before starting
to install X to find out the information about your hardware, the video
card and the monitor...  

The installation manual could be better, I think. Might be better to write
it using very simple instructions for very common hardware combinations
and including hardware like scsi hds as appendices?

I moved to debian because of the right 'philosophy' behind the
distribution, not because of it being better than the others... 


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