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Internet and Mail Question.

Hey All,

At home I connect to the net using a freenet with a firewall and all that
lovey security stuff that I know nothing about. It's non graphical and uses
lynx. I can not receive e-mail there because it a general mass account no
individuals. I use web based mail such as netscape.net and coolmail. My
questions are these.

Is there a way of downloading e-mail from one of these web based email
systems by using some type of automate e-mail program such as fetchmail etc?
If so what is needed on my part?

Also is there a way to make the free net use my copy of linux instead of
their? I can access the configuration of the free net link and it does ask
for a directory name for a browser but and don't know how to make it look
into my box. If this is possible with the firewall and all.


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