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Re: Violence: Lethal StarOffice, terminal Apache, brokenpartitions...


I have a Stealth 3D 2000 and I'm using the S3V server too.  The question, then, is what to do?


Jeff Miller

>>> "Peter (Troff) Petroff" <peterp@ucaqld.com.au> 12/17/98 7:39:37 AM >>>
Jeff Miller wrote:

> Peter,

> I am having the same problem while trying to run the StarOffice 5 setup - 
> the screen appears, a dialog box comes up with nothing but a "Next" button 
> and my computer locks up.
Exactly what I get, down to the last detail.

> I doubt very much that it is a bad memory chip.  I do suspect, however, that 
> the problem is with the X server.  There is a patch on StarDivision's web 
I considered that. But:
	a) every other X application works
	b) Netscape had to have a .deb to install properly, perhaps StarOffice has the
same condition?

> page for S3ViRGE chipsets, but I am not sure if it will fix the installation 
> problems we are having.  I've downloaded it, but have not tried it yet.  
> What video card are you using?  Which X server?
Diamond Stealth family, 2000, I think. As opposed, I THINK, to the Diamond
Stealth 3D 2000. Maybe. Erm. I'm reluctant to crack the case open again to have
a look and I got the card bundled with the motherboard, so I don't have the
case. I'm tracking down a Winborg program to do the identification for me.

My Xserver is the S3V; VGA16 is also installed so I can use XF86Setup (and have
a backup in case S3V ever dies).

P (Peter "Troff" Petroff)
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* IT student at the Queensland University of Technology
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