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Re: Trouble with diaresis and ssharp key

Stefan Gundel dixit:
> Hello, everybody,
> I am presently experiencing the following problem:
> On my hamm installation I get only beeps when pressing the diaresis keys
> on my german keyboard (i.e. adiaresis, odiaresis, udiaresis). Pressing the
> ssharp key gives me an output similar to <ESC-.> . The consoles and X
> terminals behave similarly. Issuing commands like "loadkeys ..." or
> defining a new xmodmap map didn't improve things. On the other hand I can
> display documents containing these characters and can also use the keys
> within editors like emacs or vi.

This is my /etc/.profile file configured for the Spanish keyboard (ie.
dieresis, accents, n~,...).  All you should do is changing:
export LC_ALL=es_ES
export LC_ALL=es_DE

I hope it works.

Tschüss (sorry, no eszet in my keyboard).

# /etc/profile: system-wide .profile file for bash(1).

PS1="\\$ "

export PATH PS1
export LC_ALL=es_ES

umask 002

Un saludo,


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