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Re: exmh presort fails

Dear Steve,

> I think I had the same problem and tracked it down with
> the enclosed--see where it goes awry.  (It simulates what
> exmh does.)

Thanks for this!  I used the script that you included below and eventually
managed to work out what the problem is.

It would seem that you need to chmod .maildelivery so that only you have
rw access to it.  This didn't seem to be in the documentation anywhere!
That I could find anyway.



> #!/bin/bash
> set +x
> inc +my-inc-tmp
> cd ~/Mail/my-inc-tmp
> for i in *; do
>   /usr/lib/mh/slocal -v -user $LOGIN < $i
> done
> echo "don't forget to clear out my-inc-tmp"
> #rm -rf ~/Mail/my-inc-tmp

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