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Re: resolve.conf specification

Horacio writes:
> So, that means there is a "non simple" way of using 2+ different ISPs...  if
> so, how?  and, could you explain it to me step by step, please?

This a cheap hack, off the top of my head and untested.

Use pppconfig to set up named providers ispA, ispB, and ispC, in addition
to 'provider'.  Put this in /usr/local/bin/pon and make it executable:

	/usr/sbin/pppd call ${1:-provider} ipparam ${1:-provider}

Put this in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/00nameservers and make it executable:

	cp /usr/local/lib/nameservers/$6 /etc/resolv.conf

Create /usr/local/lib/nameservers/.  Create four 'resolv.conf' files with
appropriate contents and put them there, naming them provider, ispA, ispB,
and ispC.

> ...but also the right pap-secrets file, I believe...

Nope.  Not a problem.  pppconfig will create a line for each isp and pppd
will pick the one that matches the username it was given.

> ...or I think there's a way of writing different userIDs and passwords in
> pap-secrets...

As long as you use a different userID for each isp you'll be fine.  If you
use the same userID you will have to use 'remotename'.
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