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rvplayer and 2.0.34


I ran into strange problems with rvplayer.  2 computers are running Linux 
2.0.34 Debian slink.  On one of those rvplayer is working on another one - 
does not.  I'm testing it on "welcome.rm" file, which comes with the package. 
On "broken rvplayer" computer there is just rvplayer window , but not sound or 

Kernels for both computers were compiled in slightly different times (Nov 6 
and Dec 10).  I tried to move kernel from "working rvplayer" computer to 
"broken rvplayer" computer - does not help.  If I move kernel from "broken 
rvplayer" computer on "working rvplayer" computer - rvplayer stop working.

It looks like it has to do something with kernel and some libraries perhaps.  
Does anyone know how to cure the situation?


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