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Dial-up problem

	 A big THANK YOU to all who responded to my dial-up woe with the WINModem.
I didn't realize that Windows compatible hardware would ONLY work with
Windows. I will have to get a different modem then.
	I agree that drivers won't be written in LINUX for any type of WIN
hardware. There is an article in PC World, Jan 1999 entitled "Software Bugs
Run Rampant". They state that Linux, and now Netscape, have open-sourced
their prog code so anybody who wants to can tinker with it and (hopefully)
improve it. Microsoft, however, has stated flatly that they will NEVER
release their code. So Software people that support WIN9x, NTx.x, et al,
won't either.
	So I will definetely check the label of all hardware after this. I wasn't
sure if Linux supported Windows hardware or not.

				Thanx again

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