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Re: Can't start fetchmail in ip-up.d


You may want to look in the file:
<pccmu1> more /usr/doc/fetchmail/fetchmail-up 

test -r /etc/fetchmailrc && \
        fetchmail --syslog --invisible --fetchmailrc /etc/fetchmailrc

It's an example you may use.  Important thing is location of rc file.
Works for me.  That directory contains other useful info

> >	In my ip-up, I have a line
> >		run-parts /etc/ppp/ip-up.d
> >
> >	So I put a file called fetchmail with a single line fetchmail.
> >
> >	I also made it executable. 
> >
> >	But when my link is up, nothing happened. I tried to ps ax the
> >process. It is not there. I also checked /var/log/fetchmail, and nothing
> >is written there...
> I'm no expert, but I have a thought which may or may not help.
> When ip-up is run, which user actually runs it?  Is it root, or is it
> daemon or something?  If it is not root, then it might not use the
> .fetchmailrc in the root home directory?  Could that be your problem?
> And while I'm here, can I ask a question?  With your setup, is the idea
> that fetchmail will only run once, every time the ppp link goes up?  What
> if new mail arrives while the ppp link is still up?
> Cheers,
> Mark.
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