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Re: Can't start fetchmail in ip-up.d

>	In my ip-up, I have a line
>		run-parts /etc/ppp/ip-up.d
>	So I put a file called fetchmail with a single line fetchmail.
>	I also made it executable. 
>	But when my link is up, nothing happened. I tried to ps ax the
>process. It is not there. I also checked /var/log/fetchmail, and nothing
>is written there...

I'm no expert, but I have a thought which may or may not help.

When ip-up is run, which user actually runs it?  Is it root, or is it
daemon or something?  If it is not root, then it might not use the
.fetchmailrc in the root home directory?  Could that be your problem?

And while I'm here, can I ask a question?  With your setup, is the idea
that fetchmail will only run once, every time the ppp link goes up?  What
if new mail arrives while the ppp link is still up?



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