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Re: (off topic) UPS recommendation

servis@purdue.edu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am in the market for a UPS to use with my PC that will provide power
> just enough power to get a shutdown finished in case of total power
> lost.  I have looked at the Hardware Compatibility HOWTO and the UPS
> HOWTO but I wanted to first hand experience from members of this list. 
> My hardware is a P266, 6.1G eide HD, 1.2G eide HD, 1.2G eide HD, cdrom,
> scsi tape, 17" monitor, el-cheapo speakers, HP 660C deskjet.  I know I
> don't have to put the printer and monitor ont the UPS so that could
> reduce the size of the thing.  
> What brand/model works best with the linux daemons and provides
> shutdown notification? How easy is the hook up?  I saw a lot of talk
> about custom cables, etc.

I like the Best Patriot UPS's.  They are dirt cheap and work well.
Best will mail you a cable free of charge (or at least they did for me
several times) if you know which one your want.

Debian has a bpowerd package which will monitor the UPS and shutdown
when the battery get's low.  The part number of the cable to order
is in the bpowerd package.  The schematics for the cable are also there
in case you are a glutton for punishment and want to build your own.

I'm the maintainer of the bpowerd package, so shoot me an email if
you have any more questions.


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