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Re: exim rewriting rules

On Thu, Dec 10, 1998 at 01:50:37AM +0100, Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> SL> And say I am on your machine and want to make a report and have it
> SL> comes back to my machine (rpglink.com).  Are you going to insert
> SL> another rewrite rule?

> Yes. If I don't, the default rewrite would apply.

    Which is exactly why that should be a from: level variable, not a system
level variable.

> There is a fundemental difference. If it is a box with a official IP
> address, there is no need for a rewrite. 

    Says who?  We have two shell machines.  web1.calweb.com and
web2.calweb.com.  But we'd prefer mail go to mx.calweb.com or
mail.calweb.com.  We could put in a rewrite rule but that would, as you say
above, screw up any user level modifications.

> Otherwise as an ISP, you have scripts for changing passwords, setting
> up mail forwarding, subscribing to a users mailinglist etc. Adding a
> script, which will add the rewrite address is no big deal (just a
> small perlscript).

    That isn't the point.  I didn't say *how* those rewrite rules were
added, just that they might have to be.  The point is that we're small at
~7000 and even with a script I'd not want to enter rewrite rules like that
for even a fraction of the people since it is up to them to handle.

> Sure, it is nice if programms supply an option for a From: Header (I
> couldn't use "bug" until I set up the rewrite), but it is not a bug

    If it cannot put in the proper address, that is a bug and should be
filed accordingly.

> Or do you consider cron as buggy, as you can't specify a From header
> it should use.

    This is one of the rare exceptions since it is a daemon (not a user) on
a specific machine that may be reporting an error.  Rewriting, in that case,
is foolish, as it changes the useful information of the error reported.  

> mailsystem should work. You are always free to submit patches that
> enhance a program.

    I'm always free to report them as bugs.  Not everyone is a coder,
Martin, not even in Debian.

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