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Re: Just My 2 Cents

Jameson Burt wrote:
> I would often like to at least narrow the software selection from a long list.
> I should never have dabbled with the flexible but arcane "mh" mailer or several
> other mailers.  I would like to see the choices that the experts, the Debian
> developers, make.  Do they mostly use exim or smail or ...?  What ppp and 
> networking packages do they use?  Do they compose html through LaTeX then
> latex2html, with raw vim, ...?  Do they get news with knews or netscape?
> Do they most often use xfig, xpaint, xv, gimp?
> Would the Debian developers be amenable to a survey of their expert opinion?

Funny you should mention a survey.
Avery Pennarun has put together a package called 'popularity-contest'
that measures which packages are used most.
The results were posted to


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