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Re: installing linux debian on Toshiba Satellite

On Mon, 07 Dec 1998 22:44:20 GMT, wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to this list (1/2 hour). I subscribed because I intend
> (intended?) to install some Linux distribution on my Tosh Satellite
> 200CDS.

Welcome!  Don't go just yet.

> This info is just so motivating.

I've never heard that called "information" before.

> I tried Suse 4.4.1 two years ago and it was only frustrating. I
> trashed it. Now Windows annoys me more than ever. Guys, tell me, is
> there a realistic chance to get Debian working on a Tosh 200CDS? I'm
> not a an adminstration masochist. ;-)

Go to the debian mailing list archives search engine at:
then type in "Toshiba Satellite", select "user" (for debian-user), 
"Oct-Dec 98", and click "search".   That's what I call information.  

Another valuable resource might be found at:
  Linux on Laptops

There is a listing for a Toshiba 220CDS, so if a 200CDS is anything 
like a 220CDS, then you have an excellent chance.  There are 43 
Toshibas listed there. As was mentioned, you may need a zimage kernel 
disk image but if you make a debian-user list request I'm sure someone 
will respond.

> PS: And, 2.0 or wait a little for 2.1?

Once slink is released, updating from hamm to slink should be very 
straightforward (not now though), so if your only concern is update 
difficulties, then get hamm now and update to slink after it releases.  
Besides, you can run most slink packages on hamm, anyway.  There may be 
a number of dependencies to fulfill, but the Debian package finder 
tells you everything you need and presents it to you in an easy to use 


I've got a hamm system with some slink packages and it runs great.


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