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Re: installing linux debian on Toshiba Satellite

Use the "tecra" boot disks.

I have debian installed happily on my toshiba sattellite 445cdx, btw. There
are even some debian packages (toshiba-hotkey, toshiba-fan) specifically for
these laptops.

Vazquez Jr, E A wrote:
> Don't expect much help here, I've been trying for DAYS to get a response
> to my questions but apparently no-one likes laptop installs.
> - Ed
> I'm trying to install debian on a Toshiba Satellite. I get as far as 
> "booting linux.."  but then the Toshiba logo comes up and the cycle
> restarts.
> I'm sure I read a post recently about this but I can't remember what it
> was.
> There must be a simple way of getting round this -- any ideas?
> Anthony
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see shy jo

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