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Re: Gnome Panel.

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, Evan Van Dyke wrote:
> I just downloaded and installed the new Gnome debs from slink, and
> tried to run gnome-session, but the Gnome Panel applet loads, but
> doesn't finish drawing itself.  it eats up however much processor time
> is availiable, but even after sitting for 15+ minutes hasn't done more
> than paint the area of the screen it uses grey.  This happens when I run
> the panel applet directly as well.  Does anyone have an idea what's
> going
> on and how to fix it?  thanks.

Some crufty old bug - those Gnome .deb's are pretty dated now. Rather than
spending a lot of time on it, I'd suggest either compiling Gnome yourself
from CVS (see www.gnome.org)  or waiting a couple of weeks for a new set
of .debs. We'll be code-freezing Dec 15 with a release to follow within a
month, if all goes well. I don't know if Jim will package at freeze-time
or only the final release.


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