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Re: Jaz 1Gb on hamm dist

On Sun, 06 Dec 1998 16:58:01 EST, Brandon Mitchell wrote:

> Ack, looks like the standard dos/mac formatting trick.  Try sdc4:

Hi Brandon,

I hate to interrupt a perfectly good thread, but can you give more 
details about whatever this "trick" is, and what the deal is with the 
4th partition?

I have an atapi zip drive, and if I hadn't read the messages very early 
in the bootup sequence with a zip disk in the drive, I never would've 
known to mount my zip disks on the 4th partition (/dev/hdd4).  I read 
the zip HOWTO, but didn't find any mention of this.  Mounting on the 
fourth partition works, but it seems wrong because fdisk doesn't show 
anything like that.


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