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Re: ICQ over IP Masquerading

On 1998-12-05 11:43, Guoqiang Dai wrote:

> > 2) socks can be used by a variety of other client software as well.
> I don't know much about socks, but can it support things like
> realplayer, internet phone, etc? My impression is that socks is good for
> access control, but you have to set everything on the client side.
> (Well, I could be wrong on this.) On the other hand, with packet filter
> firewall you don't have to do anything on the client side, just set the
> default gateway...


They used to have a feature to "automaticly" sockify an app given that
the app adhered to certain restrictions on how calls to the scoket
library was made.

If your app didn't adhere to these restrictions, you would have to
recompile the app (or make special provisions) with socks header files.

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