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Re: ICQ over IP Masquerading

> 2) socks can be used by a variety of other client software as well.

I don't know much about socks, but can it support things like
realplayer, internet phone, etc? My impression is that socks is good for
access control, but you have to set everything on the client side.
(Well, I could be wrong on this.) On the other hand, with packet filter
firewall you don't have to do anything on the client side, just set the
default gateway...

> Of course, the *real* solution is to just not use ICQ... but the same can be
> said for shooting heroin, but do they ever listen? Nooooooo! :)

I heard that icq wasn't designed with security in mind from the
beginning. It's just that it has too many users that other similar
software can hardly compete with it. But the idea was great.

Guoqiang Dai

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