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Re: Understanding /root Re: My solution

So,  I make a guess:

For my first time installation:
	1.7GB hard disk, 98MB RAM

	-NT40, Win95 (I?m not sure about this)
	-ME10, ProE (CAD Software)
	-Neoplanet (Net Browser)
	-Some Games (WingCommander, Forsakken)
	-other stuff (collecting pictures)

	I decided to partition my hard disk into:
		/boot	50MB
		/home	50MB (maybe more)
		/root	50MB
		/var	150MB (maybe more)
		/usr	700MB
		/etc	50MB
		/swap	128MB
		/dos	200MB
		/tmp	50MB
		Sum.	1428MB	-> rest: 270MB for ???

Would this be a good idea? Any criticism welcome!!!

Thanks a lot.

Michael, Trier, Germany

-- Eat my Shorts ! - Bart Simpson --

APPENDIX: I forgot the space for KDE !!!

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