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Re: Understanding /root Re: My solution

> So,  I make a guess:
> For my first time installation:
> 	1.7GB hard disk, 98MB RAM
> 	-NT40, Win95 (I?m not sure about this)
> -Staroffice
> 	-ME10, ProE (CAD Software)
> 	-Excel
> 	-Neoplanet (Net Browser)
> 	-CorelDraw7
> 	-Some Games (WingCommander, Forsakken)
> 	-other stuff (collecting pictures)
> 	I decided to partition my hard disk into:
> 		/boot	50MB
> 		/home	50MB (maybe more)
> 		/root	50MB
> 		/var	150MB (maybe more)
> 		/usr	700MB
> 		/etc	50MB
> 		/swap	128MB
> 		/dos	200MB
> 		/tmp	50MB
> 		---------------------
> 		Sum.	1428MB	-> rest: 270MB for ???
> Would this be a good idea? Any criticism welcome!!!

I think your hard disk is rather small to contain both Windows and
linux, especially if all these applications you mention are Windows
apps.  To make optimum use of the disk it is a bad idea to have a lot
of partitions, because each one will leave you with a rest space that
would be more useful if it combined with the free space on the other
partitions.  My suggestion would be something like

/dos:  800 MB
/swap: 128 MB
/:     rest

Remember you can write stuff on a vfat partition (Windows) from linux
easily.  On the other hand you cannot use the linux partitions from
windows, so you may want to make /dos even bigger for more flexibility.
You only really need a /boot partition if your disk has more than 1024
(1023?) cylinders in LBA mode.  If it doesn't, you don't need it.  If it
does, but you put Windows 9x on the computer, you can use loadlin
instead of lilo and you don't need a separate /boot either.


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