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Re: Can't boot with new kernel

Erik Maxwell wrote:
  >I recompiled my kernel to enable some different filesystems and now
  >whenever I boot xdm starts up but my monitor doesn't show anything.  It
  >just sits there sounding like someone keeps pushing the degauss button.
  >I tried to reboot from a repair floppy, but it still loads all the rc.x
  >stuff and the same thing happens.  I think if I could reboot without firing
  >the rc.x scripts, I could fix the problem.
  >My questions are:
  >	1.  How can I reboot without running the rc.x scripts.

 Boot from an original installation CD or floppy (not the floppy that you
 made during the installation process).

 Select monitor and keyboard type and mount your root partition.

 Go to a shell.

 Edit /target/etc/X11/config and change start-xdm to no-start-xdm.

 Unmount your root partition (umount /target) and reboot from your
 hard disk.

 log in through the network, become root, and run `/etc/init.d/xdm stop'
 to terminate xdm.  I have sometimes had to do that twice.

Since xdm is now disabled, it will not start up; you will get a normal
console login prompt.

Log in and run startx, which should fail.  Look at the error messages
to find out what went wrong.

  >	2.  Is this problem with my trying to use kerneld without fully
  >understanding it?

I don't know.

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