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Re: writing a letter in LaTeX

roy rattled,

> I tried using Lyx to write a letter and, in the end, had to resort to
> Star Office 5 because of an apparent bug in LaTeX.  The Lyx output
> looked fine, but LaTeX did not include either the 'from' or 'to'
> addresses in the output DVI file.  I was pretty shocked by this, since
> a long time back when I was an Atari ST user, I had LaTeX set up there
> as my word processor and never had a problem like this.

> ii  lyx             0.12.0.final-0 High Level Word Processor (BETA version)

the first suggestion is to get the source for 1.0pre4 from www.lyx.org 
and compile it (but first you need to purge the debian version, or lyx 
will land in the wrong place).  make sure you have xforms88.dev and 
libxpm.dev installed.

anyway, looking at what mine generated,

> \address{John Jones\\ 123 A St.\\ Anytown, AW AB3 4AA}

I don't use address, due to a hack to produce letterhead

> \begin{letter}{Mr. Joe Smith\\ 2345 Princess St.
> \\ Edinburgh, EH1 1AA}

hmm.  Mine has 
  \letter{line1 \\line2\\etc.}

\signature{Richard E. Hawkins, Esq.}


\opening {Dear Whosamasudge}

> Is this a bug or do I just have a messed up installation?

The order of the lines is important.  But that's about all I know.  
That, and with the mailmerge I added, I had no problem sending out tons 
of application letters



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