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Re: writing a letter in LaTeX

Of course.  Add the two commented lines, and watch.  \address & \signature
don't produce output, they define variables.  Output is produced by
\opening & \closing


On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Roy C Bixler wrote:

> I tried using Lyx to write a letter and, in the end, had to resort to
> Star Office 5 because of an apparent bug in LaTeX.  The Lyx output
> looked fine, but LaTeX did not include either the 'from' or 'to'
> addresses in the output DVI file.  I was pretty shocked by this, since
> a long time back when I was an Atari ST user, I had LaTeX set up there
> as my word processor and never had a problem like this.
> \documentclass{letter}
> \begin{document}

\signature{Roy Bixler} %% Add this line

> \address{John Jones\\ 123 A St.\\ Anytown, AW AB3 4AA}
> \begin{letter}{Mr. Joe Smith\\ 2345 Princess St.
> \\ Edinburgh, EH1 1AA}

\opening{Dear Sir,} %% Add this line

>    Each letter is a `letter' environment, whose argument is the name
> and address of the recipient.  For example, you might have:

\closing{Sincerely} %% Add this line

> \end{letter}
> \end{document}

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