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RE: Recommendations for Email client?

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Jon Burchmore wrote:

> > I would like to suggest that you split the retrieval/sorting/filtering
> > duties from the Email client (MUA).
> > You can use fetchmail to download all your email from multiple accounts.
> > Then you use smail/procmail or exim to sort and deliver it locally.
> > Then, all your MUA has to do is be able to read from different folders.
> Unfortunately, this would eliminate the major advantage of IMAP.  I read
> my mail from two different locations (home and work) and up to 5 different
> computers.  Storing the mail locally really isn't an option, although I
> suppose I could make *copies* of it instead of moving it from the mailserver
> to a local machine.

Isn't that basically what IMAP does? There is an fetchmail option to
leave mail on each or some of the mailservers. Cheers.

Colin Telmer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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