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RE: Recommendations for Email client?

> > Unfortunately, this would eliminate the major advantage of IMAP.  I read
> > my mail from two different locations (home and work) and up to 5 different
> > computers.  Storing the mail locally really isn't an option, although I
> > suppose I could make *copies* of it instead of moving it from the mailserver
> > to a local machine.
> Isn't that basically what IMAP does? There is an fetchmail option to
> leave mail on each or some of the mailservers. Cheers.

Yes, but:  suppose I delete a message on my local machine.  With IMAP,
the deletion gets propagated to all of the machines I read mail on.  How
would I do this with fetchmail?  Also, IMAP only downloads the headers
until I actually attempt to read a message.  While this doesn't really
matter when I'm at work (ethernet connection to mailserver) or at home
(cable modem connection to internet, T1 to mailserver), it could really
hurt if I just want to check for new messages from the road, over a modem.

This makes me long for my days of a simple UUCP feed, and only one computer
to read mail on. ;)

-Jon Burchmore

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