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I just took the plunge and installed exim on our main mail server.
The Debian configuration scripts got our important domains up and running
immediately (local delivery) and the auto-freeze on others meant I could
get the others running in no time.

I've read the entire manual (just flipping through irrelevant parts).
This is truely excellent; I never found a manual like this for smail.
Using the manual alone, I have virtual domains, local suffixes,
mail relaying to firewalled hosts, and very flexible filtering running.
Impressive stuff. I'm converted.

My only question: can I have my filter deliver messages into
/var/spool/mail/hamish? I got a lockfile error whenever it tries to deliver
them; I had to make a folder in my home directory for my new mail. Which
isn't the end of the world, but it'd be nice to use the main mail file.

Now I can finally have decent debian mail filtering. My previous configuration
kinda worked .... this one really does.

Hamish Moffatt VK3TYD              hamish@debian.org, hamish@rising.com.au
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