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Re: Ifconfig


Ship's Log, Lt. Amanda Shuler, Stardate 231198.1331:
> I have a question about ifconfig.
> I have a machine that I am trying to configure to put onto a local
> network.
> I'm an assigning it IP address
> I type:
> 	ifconfig eth0
> then I check it with ifconfig and everything is correct.  I reboot the
> machine, and recheck ifconfig -- it's wrong.  It resets the IP address to
> everytime!  
> Currently, I do not have this machine physically hooked up to the network,
> because I was just doing the configuration and I didn't want to knock
> another (very important) machine off the network.  If the ethernet card is
> not actually hooked up to the network, will that cause this "reset" to
> happen upon every boot?
> How do I get it to stay at

have you just typed this command?
To have it permanent you should edit /etc/inet.d/network

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