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Re: help!

Hello nbrown,

> i am trying to use apt and typing ... in pon......'apt-get' without the
> ' of course

Sorry, I never tried apt, can't help you with that specific problem.

> (if i
> download now i have to do it to a dos drive because i dn't have anything
> that will work in the web in linux..  )
> when i do that i have to mount a dos drive and gzip and tar it and the

I'm not sure what you mean here - I never had any problem installing from a
dos partition (but then again I used dselect).

I just put all the .deb files in a directory, told dselect I didn't have a
Packages file and to scan them to find out what I did have.

> However your public
> relations are terrible and so is support for dummies like me..


> I know ,   you are not responsible for the irc sites but i bet that most
> of you are there somewhere .  So i make that connection and so will
> others.. that is for your info..
> Can you steer me toward a one on one live conversation with someone in

Have you tried the -mentors list?

If memory serves it's debian-mentors-request@lists.debian.org and it's
supposed to be for getting one-on-one help with debian.

If that doesn't help, keep on asking... sometimes people are just busy.

Jiri <jiri@baum.com.au>

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