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Re: Slow mail delivery

wax_man@bellsouth.net writes:

> I'm reposting this message since I've never seen my original come
> through:
> I'm having problems with mail delivery on my local box.  When I d/l my
> mail from my isp (using fetchmail), it is taking over 5 minutes
> (probably closer to 10) for the mail to get delivered, i.e. for the
> machine to say I have new mail, not for it to come down from my isp. 
> Any ideas on what could be causing this, and how to fix it?

I use exim and I have the same behaviour; when more than 10
messages arrive exim doesn't deliver them at once; in the log file
there is:
no immediate delivery: more than 10 messages received in one connection

this is controled by some exim options (see queue_only_load)

Hubert Fauque

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