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Re: autofs

On: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 22:40:32 +1100 (EST) Jiri Baum writes:
> Hello,
> I tried to use autofs, but it says "Error: autofs support not available".
> I assume it can't find /lib/modules/2.0.34/fs/autofs.o which is correct
> because it doesn't exist.
> Where would I get one, please?

You need to enable the autofs in the kernel config, it can be found
within the file system section.  I suggest building it as a module.

> BTW, is there any difference between autofs and amd? I want
> something to automount a floppy disk (with a vicious unmount
> timeout, so that users can simply eject the floppy disk without
> worrying about it).

I set the timeout for autofs to 2 seconds which means that after the
last access to a floppy or a cdrom I have to wait just 2 seconds and
can safely eject it.

Here is my /etc/auto.master as an example:

/vol/tmpmnt	/etc/auto.misc	--timeout 2

I installed the /etc/init.d/autofs from the bugreport because there
were some problems with correctly recogizing the timeout option.  If
you have such problems, look at http://www.debian.org in the bug
reporting section and search for autofs.  You can copy&paste the
correctly working file straight from one of the messages.


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