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Re: DE220 Ethernet Card

On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Alexander N. Benner wrote:

> Has anyone experience with a D-Link 220 E-Card ?
> I tried the de200 de201 and so on kernel mods. and also the de600 and de620,
> but none of them seem to work.
> oh .. it's a pnp , maybe this part of isapnp will help:

I had one in a docking station once. However, in DOS mode I ran the D-Link
setup utility and turned off the PnP, firmcoding the IO and IRQ. I had no
trouble with it. I did not try it in PnP mode, as I was already in the
habit of turning PnP off when we'd put one in a Win95/NT box; we had
better success that way.

Kent West
KC5ENO - Amateur Radio: When all else fails.
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