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Re: How to manually install minimal system

antispam@feverish.demon.co.uk (Robert Wilderspin) writes:
| On 16 Nov 98 21:40:30 GMT, westk@heir.acu.edu (Kent West) wrote:
| >Actually, that's not true. I want to eventually have a usable system, but
| >I want to build it myself, not let an install script do it for me. As part
| >of this process I'll also become somewhat familiar with compiling programs
| >and setting them up manually instead of using .deb files and dselect/apt,
| >etc.
| You sound like a man in need of Slackware.  You can do what you're
| looking for with Debian, but Slackware forces you to.  I don't know
| the link off-hand, but it's certainly available from ftp.cdrom.com.

The best place to start looking for stuff like a Slackware homepage is
http://www.linuxhq.com. The aforementioned homepage is
http://www.slackware.org. Of course, I wasn't able to connect to that
site, but that's it's reported homepage.

| I opt for the easy life.  There's plenty to learn in Linux as it is,
| and I'd rather spend my time getting into package configuration issues
| than installation ones.  Each to their own though.  Good luck with the
| homebrew!

I dunno, I started with Slackware back in the kernel 0.99 days and I
think it helped me learn a lot about Linux, and Unix in general. Of
course I was a college student working as a sys admin at the time so
that probably helped me learn Unix even more, and somewhat justified
all the time I had spend configuring Slackware.

Personally, if I were installing a version of Unix on my PC nowadays,
and didn't know that much about Linux I'd probably take Robert's point
of view and say it's not worth the effort, but I'm older (and wiser?)
now, and have a lot less free time than I had back then, so....


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