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Re: bogomips

	Subject: Re: bogomips
	Date: Fri, Nov 13, 1998 at 07:27:12AM -0600

> I remember back in '98 when wtopa@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> > Yes.  2.0.34/35 on Slackware 149.9. On debian 2.0.34 120 Bogomips and
> > on 2.0.35 130.6.  The .config's on both dists are the same as well.
> > Interesting, isn't it.  NOT!  
> <...>
> > 
> > Would appreciate it if anyone could give me some reason for the
> > difference in the Debian kernel.
> As someone mentioned, it could be that there are some patches in the
> Debian kernel, not in the slackware.  Realize that Bogomips are
> really sensative to alignment in memory, if the loop is in the wrong
> place it could change the numbers.  Also you could be using
> different versions of the C compiler on the different machines.
> try typing gcc --version on both.  
> gcc 2.7.2.x is the official compiler for the linux kernel, at least in
> Linus' mind.  There have been on-and-off report of breakage with
> gcc 2.8.x and (especially) egcc.  Go look on linux-kernel for 
> anything by Linux with egcc in the subject line for more info..
> 		Matt

Matt may have found the link.  I just went to the 3 dists and got the

Debian slink  %gcc --version gcc           
Slackware 3.3 %gcc --version gcc-       
Slackware 3.5 %gcc --version egcs-2.9.29 980515 egcs 1.0.3 

NOTE: Debian uses glibc while Slackware is still using libc.

So I got the source for gcc- and compiled it for the Slack3.3 dist.
(Yea, I know, I have too much spare time!) I installed the new version
(%gcc --version gcc- ), and recompilied linux-2.0.35. and

Slackware _again_ reports BogoMips at 149.91, now with kernel compiled
with gcc-  So that doesn't look like it is/was the cause.

Now I will take the kernel source from ftp.kernel.org for 2.0.35 and
compile it on Debian with make dep,clean and zImage, make a boot
floppy and see if that changes anything.

No, it didn't.  Debian still says that BogoMips = 130.66. So that
leads me to believe the kernel-source.deb files are ok, so is
gcc-  Leaves glibc.  That I will not change!

OK, someone said that the BogoMips are meaningless.  It just might be
that he is correct.  I have just noticed something I hadn't found
before.  I have saytime running in cron and it reports the time on the
hour.  On Slackware (149.91 Bogomips) the time is "the hour and 1
sec", on Debian (130.66 BogoMips) the time is "the hour exactly"!

Well I had fun tracking this down but, to me anyway, BogoMips is a
nice number but I won't lose any sleep over differences between

Hope this answers my question? Or does it???

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