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Re: dselect listing

On 12 Nov 1998, Daniel E. Hollis wrote:

>   I mucked up my package list.  I'm trying to install kde and xfree86, the
> stable versions.  One of the 2 required, so I thought, a xlibc _unstable_
> version.  I connected to the local debian distribution ftp site and got the
> unstable directory listings.  Now, dselect wants to upgrade _everything_ to the
> unstable versions.  And to install new software, I can only get dselect to
> choose unstable versions.  I'd ideally love to chose something like
> "install/upgrade stable only" but no such choice exists.  I'm willing to go
> back and build a new package list form the ftp site, but I don't want to go and
> delete something that conceivably could be keeping track of currently installed
> packages.  What should I do?


a) use dpkg to install the programs you want from slink by hand
b) place all the other packages on hold.



Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

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Selwyn College Computer Support

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