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Re: dselect listing

--- "M.C. Vernon" wrote: ---
On 12 Nov 1998, Daniel E. Hollis wrote:
>   I mucked up my package list.  I'm trying to install kde and xfree86, the
> stable versions.  One of the 2 required, so I thought, a xlibc _unstable_
> version.  I connected to the local debian distribution ftp site and got the
> unstable directory listings.  Now, dselect wants to upgrade _everything_ to
> unstable versions.  And to install new software, I can only get dselect to
> choose unstable versions.  I'd ideally love to chose something like
> "install/upgrade stable only" but no such choice exists.  I'm willing to go
> back and build a new package list form the ftp site, but I don't want to go
> delete something that conceivably could be keeping track of currently
> packages.  What should I do?


a) use dpkg to install the programs you want from slink by hand
b) place all the other packages on hold.
--- End of Quoted Text ---

  This almost answers my question.  I have tried to put the unstable packages
on hold, but I need to install other packages that x depends on.  dselect won't
let me install the stable verisons of currently uninstalled packages, because
the unstable versions have higher version numbers.  dselect only gives me the
choice of keeping the package uninstalled or installing the slink version. I
would, if this were a single package, d/l the stable release and dpkg it
individually.  However, I'm trying to install xfree and kde, and my system is
2/3 installed, so I really want to avoid installing the remaining 1/3 via
individual packages.
  My question is, how do I get my package list of stable packages back?  I
image what I want to do is delete the local list of available packages.  I'm
leary of deleting any dpkg list, since that could be a quick way into breaking
the system.  And I certainly don't want to delete the list of packages I have
already installed.
Thanks again,

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