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Re: Bay Area debian meeting

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Joey Hess wrote:

> Attention, debian users and developers in the California Bay Area --
> One week from today, on November 17th, Bay Area Linux Users Group will be
> holding their monthly meeting. Their speaker will be from Corel, makers of
> the Netwinder and Word Perfect.
> I think this meeting would be a great opportunity for us Debian people in
> the Bay Area to meet and get to know each other (and some debian developers
> - myself and I hope Phil Troin will be there), as well as hear the latest
> from Corel and enjoy the chinese dinner. For those who haven't attended a
> BALUG meeting, it's in a banquet hall in a chinese restraunt, and it's
> possible for us debian people to get our own table so we all sit together.
> If you're interested, visit their web page at
> http://www.balug.org/meetNow.html, make sure to RSVP, and when you do so,
> ask to sit at the same table with Joey Hess and the rest of the debian
> people.
Are you planning a key signing?   I've wanted to have a key signing
party/whatever in the bay area for a while now.
							- Tom

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