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Re: Debian Crash

Hardware problems can pop up any time. I had to use a ps/2 mouse for a
month and I found X would lock up occasionally. However, I could telnet
in and kill X. It may have been a problem with gpm. Once I switched
back to a Logitech serial mouse everything was fine.
The point is you can have a hardware problem (irq conflict) and only
observe the problem occasionally.

Best to write down in detail what happened and wait for the next

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On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, Rich Harran. wrote:

> My Debian system just crashed.  This has never happened before, which is
> one of the things I like about Linux.
> I've got a pretty standard Hamm system, and I was running X with emacs
> (20), xmix, and netscape, with a navigator and mail window open.  I went
> on a webpage I've visited many times before (www.tomshardware.com), and
> everything seized up: the mouse wouldn't move, I couldn't move between
> virtual desktops and I couldn't move between virtual teminals.  I waited a
> couple of minutes, then tried <cntl><alt><backspace>, then
> <cntl><alt><del>, neither of which had any effect whatsoever, so I
> pressed the big red button, and restarted that way.
> The only non-Debian software I have installed is xaudio, an X window mpeg
> layer 3 audio player, which is off /root/mpeg (I was just trying it out).
> My hardware is an old(ish) Cyrix 6x86 (M1) P200+ on a SuperMicro P5xtra
> motherboard, 32mb DRAM (2simms), Matrox millenium 4mb, WD harddrive,
> mitsumi Cd rom, soundblaster awe64 pnp, microsoft serial mouse.
> Up 'till now, everything seems to have been working fine (I've had random
> crashes under win95, but I think that's a feature of the OS).  
> My questions:
> 	Is there a problem with my hardware (it's quite old)?
> 	Was there a problem with Linux?
> 	If not, is there now?
> 	If so, how do I fix it?
> 	What should I do to test the components in my system individually?
> 		I put it together myself (about 2 years ago), so I don't
> 		mind poking around inside.
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