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Re: Can I start X while other stuff going on?

On 10 Nov 1998, Gary L. Hennigan wrote:

> Kent West <westk@heir.acu.edu> writes:
> | Can I switch to another virtual terminal and start X Windows while I've
> | got something else going on in the first vterm, such as a download or a
> | dselect session, etc? 
> Absolutely. You can switch to VT2 and whip that startx right onto the
> command line (well, you might have to log in first, but you get the
> drift). Actually, you can even start it in the background and still
> have that VT available, I think. X, by default, always starts on VT7
> (i.e., Ctrl+Alt+F7).
> | And if I can, once I'm in X, how do I then get back to where I can see how
> | the download is progressing? Do I just Ctrl-Alt-F[key] back to the
> | original vterm, or can I bring up the process in an Xterm or something
> | similar?
> Bringing the output up in an xterm would be a trick, but yes, you can
> simply switch back to the VT of your choice using Ctrl+Alt+F[1-6].

I tried putting a running program (lynx) in the background by pressing ^Z,
and then started X Windows and thought maybe I could foreground the app in
an Xterm, but I guess either I don't know what I'm doing or it just
doesn't work. I ran ps to find the PID of the job (say 14096), then typed
"fg 14096", but I get a reply that there is no such job.  Did I do
something wrong along the way, or is this just not going to work?


Kent West
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