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Re: Still having Printer Problems

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Lance Hoffmeyer wrote:

> In my attempt to isolate why I can't print I came across a potential
> problem.  When I installed Linux I had a parallel
> port Zip Drive attached to my printer port.  If I type 'mount /dev/sda 
> Zip' I am able to mount the zip drive.  Since 
> my printer is connected to the Zip drive I was wondering if this might
> be why I cannot print by using /dev/lp1?

Yes, IIRC, the 2.0 kernels do not support simultaneous support of the
printer port for printing and for zip.  If you want to use both, unload
the zip module, then load the printer module, print, unload the printer 
module, then load the zip again.  The other alternative is to use the
2.1 kernels, (at least the ones > ~2.1.80) support having both sets of
modules loaded.  One caveat of switching, the newer printer modules'
default settings change the default printer from /dev/lp0 to /dev/lp1
(or maybe its the other way).


> If I have a file 'test' and type test > /dev/lp1 I get nothing. lp test
> gives an error message 
> job 'cfA121111' to lp@localhost failed
> Might this be a result of the Zipdrive/Printer?  If so, how can I
> correct it to print via the Zip drive?
> Thanks
> Lance
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