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Re: [Off Topic] An EXCELLENT Microsoft Confidential document on

Vera Lucia Mazzocchi said
> Hi,
> 	I was thinking if this document wasn't released purposely, that
> is, "let them know only what we want they know" and "let's see what they
> think about".  Seems to me that M$ might be playing with us, releasing
> such document, or allowing somebody to have access and releasing it.
> 	Doesn't this sound to ease? To have access to a confidential
> document from M$ exactly about OSS? I have some doubts ...
> 	just thinking...
Me too!  I'm usually a very cautious person...How do we *know* that this
has even originated from MicroSoft?  So there is the issue of whether or
not it's from MS, and if it is it it truly "confidential"?

> []s,	
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