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PPP Headaches

Hello, I'm a relatively new user to linux, but a very proficient computer user.

Here's the scoop:

I just installed Debian 2.0 on my system and I need to get PPP up and running.  I've been able to connect to my ISP and begin a PPP session (Using pppd and chat on a terminal server, if anyone thinks that it's relevant).  My problem is (I think) that I cannot get my packets to route. I can sent packets but they do not return to me.  ifconfig shows lo and ppp0 as functioning devices.  I have two entries in 'route -n' for ppp0 -- ppp0 has received both a local and a remote address from the server.  I'm sure I'm missing a very vital and simple procedure -- could someone tell me what that procedure is?  Help would be much appreciated and additional information about my system is available upon request.


Ladd J Epp

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