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re:Kernel Problem

Date forwarded: 	4 Nov 1998 21:30:06 -0000
Date sent:      	Wed, 04 Nov 1998 14:21:03 -0800
To:             	"Debian User's List" <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
From:           	Dale Khehra <dale@tesys.com>
Subject:        	re:Kernel Problem
Forwarded by:   	debian-user@lists.debian.org

> Hello Everyone
Hi Dale,
> I am trying to install the debian system first time.I tried to install
> "kernel-source" package using "dselect" but failed.Can anybody tell me the
> procedure how to install it ,means which package should I select in the list .
Make sure You have installed the kernel-source und the kernel-
headers of same type:
e.g.  kernel-headers-2.0.34
e.g.  kernel-source-2.0.34
if You are using deselect looking for
set:  development-package.optional 
- headers and sources are subset of d.o.
- also You must install the tk and tcl version 
e.g.   tk 8.0  tcl 8.0
to rebuild a kernel You additionally must install
gcc, make, and the assembler(name don`t remember, maybe gasm)

if You overload an existing system its always a good
idea to  save the old .config file in dir `/usr/src/linux`
and after installed sources and headers replay it to
this destination

Wish You All The Very Best

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