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Total absence of Ethernet iff dLinux

	please excuse the ignorance of a Linux newbie, still learning.
	please excuse the desperation, I haven't a damn clue what to do.
	please help!

	Short story: my Ethernet card appears but doesn't work under dLinux.

	Confusing evidence: One computer, three hard drives. dLinux sits on
/dev/hdc1; Microsoft Windows98 on /dev/hda1. Precisely the same hardware with
NO hard configuration changes, but the Ethernet card functions *flawlessly*
under uWin.

	This was tested in that my box is set to, there's thin Ethernet to
my housemate's uWin95 PentiumII at The second machine uses my
machine's printer, hard drives and modem (masquerading using Deerfield's
Wingate) with no problems whatsoever. My plan was to do all my Linux
work/study and still let my housemate print/surf/fileshare and throw off the
shackles of the MicroTyranny.

	It's an AMD-K6, 64MB RAM; very vanilla Hamm release (just off the single
binary-i386). The installed and apparently working driver is for NE*000
(NE2000) (installed under uWin as a generic NE2000). The installation of both
the driver and the network specifics was a very vanilla Debian Hamm
installation, through the menus.

*	On boot and checkable with dmesg, the NE drivers detect the card at the
appropriate IO and IRQ, reporting the correct Ethernet hardware address.
*	I can ping localhost and no problems. When I try to ping, or try to ping FROM TO, the result is just
timeouts / 100% packet loss.
*	ifconfig reports two (or three) devices: loopback lo0, (ppp ppp0) and
Ethernet (eth0). Each of them report the correctly assigned IP. Any operations
through localhost and ppp work flawlessly...
*	Trying to ping from to, then an ifconfig notes a bizarre
peculiarity - zero transmitted packets. But a whole bunch of dropped packets.

	I've gone through howtos, instructional web pages and an experienced Linux
user I know... no dice. I'm seriously so out of clues.

	Please forgive my Linux newbieness (it's so humbling):

a) what specifically does "dropped" packet mean?
b) Can ANYBODY help me? Please pretty please pretty please? Please feel free
to mail with any suggestions...

Peter Petroff, IT Support for Lifestyle Support Services (LSS),
Queensland Synod, the Uniting Church of Australia
(and Undergraduate Information Technology student at QUT)
Opinions expressed are the author's and not those of the LSS.
"This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. 
An elegant weapon, for a more... civilised age."
        - (Jedi Knight General) Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi

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