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Re: Motif?

On Sat, 31 Oct 1998, D'jinnie wrote:

> Ok, I'm going to thoroughly expose my ignorance of all things X & Motif...
> I'm taking a class on Motif programming and thought I could use my Linux
> machine at home to compile the code...no go, obviously. So I guess I'm
> wondering - is Motif thoroughly un-free? I attempted to go to their
> website (why would someone call themselves Open Software Foundation yet
> sell Motif for such huge fees?) but didn't understand price schedules at
> all...so, how the heck does this whole thing work? Also, is lesstif usable
> yet or am I stuck compiling on my school's server?

Parts of lesstif are usable, in fact most of it is, but there are still
bugs. You can buy Motif for Linux from xig.com. Also, lesstif development
has picked up speed recently.  In the long run, you might be better off
using gnome/gtk than motif. Motif is big, old, ugly, slow, and expensive.

George Bonser

The Linux "We're never going out of business" sale at an FTP site near you!

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