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Re: Motif?

> Ok, I'm going to thoroughly expose my ignorance of all things X & Motif...
> I'm taking a class on Motif programming and thought I could use my Linux
> machine at home to compile the code...no go, obviously. So I guess I'm
> wondering - is Motif thoroughly un-free? I attempted to go to their
> website (why would someone call themselves Open Software Foundation yet
> sell Motif for such huge fees?) but didn't understand price schedules at
> all...so, how the heck does this whole thing work? Also, is lesstif usable
> yet or am I stuck compiling on my school's server?

Motif is a true commercial product. You can get Motif for Linux for about $100
(www.metrolink.com is one of the vendors). Lesstif is probably not a good
thing to learn Motif with. Behavior of XmForm is confusing enough by itself, 
Lesstif still has a LOT of problems with this widget.

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